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Go Green Printed Recycled Paper Soy Ink
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  Green Environment
05/31/2016 10:15 AM
>Tracking Fish with Acoustic Telemetry—Implementation of an Exciting Technology in Lake Pontchartrain

CTP Solutions provides our customers with printed products made with recycled paper fibers and emission free energy.  This will help reduce waste and lower green house gasses.    

When it comes to needing critical document management services, every company is different. Different problems. Different budgets. Which is why CTP delivers printing solutions differently. Instead of trying to sell you the one-size-fits-all solution that a particular company produces, our sales professionals know all the solutions available and, in consultation with you, provide the ones that fit your company best. Yes, it takes more knowledge of the presentation marketplace, more technological savvy and more understanding of our client's needs. This is why we've become a leader in increasing cash flow, streamlining business processes, improving efficiency and maximizing savings
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